For many it’s a romantic notion: Owning their own restaurant. But if you’re already in that role you know all the stress that comes with it. It’s not a walk in the park:

  • Stock management
  • Staff problems
  • Maintaining health and safety standards
  • Décor

The list goes on. If there are shortcuts you’ll take them, but there usually aren’t any.

With digital marketing however, you may just find easier advertising options than before. You simply need to think outside the box.


Get Information—Online Polls Work

Firstly, you never have to feel at a loss again. If you’re wondering why people aren’t coming, use modern tools to get the information you need:

  • Which dishes work
  • Which dishes need to change
  • What type of music your target audience prefers
  • Your target audience’s available budget

You’ll find polling tools on Facebook and that’s where many of your clients spend their time. Get the data and make adjustments accordingly.


Tit for Tat—Free Meals for Free Advertising

Once you’ve designed your award winning menu based on people’s feedback, it’s time to tell people about it. If it’s exceptional, word will spread like wildfire. But you need to create the momentum.

Invite a few locals and existing clients for free meals to taste your dishes. Their only responsibility is to share their thoughts about the meal on their social media platforms. Now you’re marketing to the world! And we all know how the young generation loves taking selfies with their food. You’ll get known for your flavors as well as your presentation.


Invite the Experts

Someone else who would like to comment on your presentation and food quality is the local food critic. Some restaurant owners may prefer not being at the mercy of these experts, but don’t let fear rob you of excellent references.

Have faith in your product and invite a critic with the understanding that they’ll place a review online.

Important: Even if they have a few negative things to say, it’s valuable to you:

  • You’ll know what else to work on
  • You open up public conversation about your restaurant (and usually any publicity is good publicity)
  • You start building a connection with the local culinary elite


Get Community Centered

One more group you must get networking with is your local community. You want them to become loyal customers and many of them may come for you personally as much as the food.

But how will they get to know you?

Taking part in community projects can help:

  • Connect with a new audience
  • Showcase your personal character
  • Communicate your brand values such as professionalism & concern for your local area

When you sponsor local events, set up a food stall at gatherings or join a business network you’ll get noticed. As always, use your digital marketing channels to share stories of your involvement or ask people to join you at the next event.


Final Tip—Educate Yourself

There’s no escaping this wave: Digital marketing is the way of the future and you need to know how to source leads & get customers flooding in. Our FREE Masterclass shows you exactly how to get it right through a simple 4 step plan.

Watch today and start enjoying the fruits of all your efforts.


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