The job description of ‘handyman’ is as old as humanity. Centuries ago every town and hamlet probably also had a DIY expert which everyone called on when something broke.

But this is the 21st century. You can’t use old marketing methods or simply hope you’ll still get the calls from all the locals.

SHOW people you’re the handyman they need to call for any and all odd jobs.

If you’ve missed it, the market is now filled with ways to promote yourself effectively.


Getting Started—Use Your Friends and Family

If you’re new on the scene it can be difficult to get your share of the work. We suggest you start by helping friends and family—yes, even for free—delivering exceptional work.

Now you already have a portfolio and thanks to modern technology you can carry images as proof wherever you go: Simply use your mobile phone.


Next Step—Get Listed Online

Those photographs can also start traveling around the internet, so make sure you use all the tools at your disposal:

  • Google business listings
  • A Facebook profile (So many people search here for service providers)
  • LinkedIn
  • Community pages

Digital marketing is the key to getting noticed because people spend more and more time online.


Online—Face the Conflict

Along with the benefit of digital marketing comes the risk of being a target of a smear campaign.

Good news: You can turn this into a marketing opportunity so don’t let it daunt you.

When someone complains on your Facebook wall you may feel exposed and embarrassed. Everyone’s watching, right?

Good! Now you can show off your expert customer service skills and your value of putting clients first. Ask about their reason for complaining, say you’ll do your best to improve and come back with images or other proof of how you solved the issue. If they’re lying, you can use the same method to expose them.

Because consumers appreciate being listened to other people who see the discussion are bound to try your services in future, because they see you’re serious about your work.


Show Off Your Expertise—Start a Blog (or Vlog)

Don’t let others dictate what is said about you online. The digital marketing scene provides countless ways of showing off your expertise. As people start noticing it will turn you into a market leader.

A common tool is adding a blog to your website. You can share tips and information so people who do background checks will know you’re to be trusted.

Of course, not everyone loves writing which is why a vlog (a video blog) could be more your thing. Today’s mobile phones produce high quality recordings so this doesn’t have to cost you a lot.

Best of all: People are more likely to click on a video than reading a lengthy blog, so you’re bound to get more visitors to your website. Simply advertise your latest video on social media.


Partner With a Local Store

Building your online audience can be challenging so why not tap into someone else’s?

Your local hardware store will probably be too glad if you offer to share some insight on their website. Make videos using their tools for projects, so it benefits them. You benefit from their customers seeing you online and a short mention of your business can have your phone ringing off the hook.


Invest Time in Professional Help

We’re not saying this will be easy, but it’s definitely possible to get more leads each month than you’re getting at the moment. We compiled a FREE Masterclass to help you understand how to go about it and all you have to do to book.

People need your help and it’s time to get the word out. Contact us today.

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